This roguelike is inspired by NetHack and Dwarf Fortress. I got the idea for TundRogue when I was playing NetHack and used cheats to transform into a dragon and play most of the game as one.
TundRogue has a lot of reptiles, from kobolds to hydras.

The name comes from a project of mine that's currently on hold, Tundra Eel.
The game is programmed in C++. I use BearLibTerminal for drawing everything to the screen.

Here's a BitChute playlist of this project: LINK

Source code

Here's the repo link: LINK


New Windows builds will usually come out a bit later than Linux builds because I'm a bit lazy. The MEGA folder links will also include previous versions.

Windows (latest version: 2021-03-04): MEGA folder link
Linux   (latest version: 2020-09-28): MEGA folder link

Extract the game wherever you want.

For Linux you must get the BearLibTerminal library (Windows has the dll in the zip).
You can download it from the library's site and install it manually. Arch-based distros can also get it from the AUR.